Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pedro and Kat at the Casa Granda

Santiago de Cuba Hotel Casa Granda Pedro and Kat
Pedro and Kat (photo by Armando)

Santiago de Cuba Hotel Casa Granda bar on the veranda
Hotel Casa Granda, established 1914
Santiago de Cuba Hotel Casa Granda glass doors on veranda
reflective glass doors on the veranda of the Casa Granda

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  1. Kat, oh, Gosh, we're so proud to have been a landmark in your journey. It takes so much courage and adventurous spirit to even think of doing what you already have done. It's such an accomplishment that we feel nothing but admiration towards you and inspired by your persona. :) Thank you so much for giving dreamers another reason to keep dreaming and believing it could come true.
    Sincerely, Heidy Rivero (staff of Casa Granda Hotel in Santiago de Cuba)