Sunday, May 18, 2014

Paris !!

What can possibly be said about this city that hasn't already been written for hundreds of years? Well, I won't try to compete, I'll just post my photos and write about my own experience and observations.

Pedro and I arrived at CDG and found our way to the Air France bus (confusingly called "Les Cars de Air France"), and headed to Paris and the Montparnasse train station. We were on a tight schedule, and of course there was Wednesday morning traffic; we arrived with about fifteen minutes to departure time (we were heading to Lourdes.)

We learned about the punctuality of French trains that morning. Yes, as we stood with our luggage in front of the open door of our train, attempting to get up the steps, a train official on the platform yelling "go-go-go!", an expressionless official on the train at the top of the steps doing and saying nothing, the bell sounded and the door closed, leaving us behind. It could have been much worse. If I had made it up those steps I'm certain the door would have closed leaving my partner on the platform. That would have been a disaster.

So, we got re-ticketed  for a train several hours later, relaxed (somewhat) at a cafĂ© in the station, and arrived in Lourdes that evening. We stayed in an apartment-like residence, and in spite of the frequent rain, spent an enjoyable several days there. I guess the train issue and the rain were appropriate hurdles for such a pilgrimage. If you are not familiar with the story of (Saint) Bernadette Soubirous, watch "The Song of Bernadette", a lovely 1943 movie based on the book by Franz Werfel (the story of his life is quite amazing, too.)


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    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I can hardly wait to visit Paris again!